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Michael Reeder LCPC
Mor Namhani
Bayard Solomon
Tracy Diamond LCSW-C

Michael Reeder LCPC

  • MS in Clinical Community Counseling & Post-Masters degree in Spiritual and Existential Counseling
  • Continuing education in spiritual mentoring, interfaith work, & death/dying issues.
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP certifications

My masters degree and post-masters certificate are from Johns Hopkins University.  I have continuing education coursework is from Cherry Hill Seminary.  My post-masters degree in Spiritual and Existential Counseling consists of a four course curriculum in spiritual counseling, existential counseling, spirituality across cultures, and Asian meditation therapies.

I am licensed as an LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) in Maryland.  My license number is #LC3624.

Continue to more about my typical clients, their concerns, and how I help them.


Mor Nahmani

Mor Namhani
  • Current student studying at Johns Hopkins
  • LGBTQ support and advocacy
  • Support & insight for happier relationships

My counseling philosophy is based on the person-centered approach to counseling. This approach emphasizes the counselor-client relationship and working in collaboration with the client. I believe that a strong, trusting relationship between the client and counselor is critical to a successful experience. Additionally, I feel that by sharing responsibility for success with clients, they are imbued with the power to make necessary changes. My goal is to provide guidance, support, and insight to the client as we work together to find resolutions for personal difficulties and discover pathways to happier, healthier interpersonal relationships.

I am currently a mental health counseling student studying at Johns Hopkins University, and am practicing under the supervision of a licensed counselor as part of my master’s degree program. I have an educational background in psychology and worked in the health administration field before deciding to further my education. I also have a background in LGBTQ advocacy and support.

Mor Nahmani is seeing a few lucky clients on Thursdays and Sundays through Probono Counseling Services of Maryland (need-based) or for discounted rate donations to charity.  In return clients agree to help her complete her school internship in counseling.

You can reach Mor at 877-823-3439 EXT. #3 and mor@hygeiacounseling.com .

Bayard Solomon

Bayard Solomon
  • Current student studying at McDaniel College
  • Men’s issues, anger, depression, stress
  • “Your illness doesn’t define you. Strength and courage does.”


  • LGBTQ support and advocacy
  • Healing through mutual exploration
  • Passionate & motivated

I work to strengthen individuals by exploring perceptions and motivation to help them overcome barriers in their lives. My personal experiences with family members suffering from mental illness, alongside my professional experiences working at various community mental health organizations have made me become even more passionate in helping others seeking sustained relief.

Since 2011, my professional roles have included providing therapeutic care, in person and in group settings, as well as advocating for adults diagnosed with significant mental health disorders. Through these ventures, I have been inclined to utilize each person’s unique strengths and abilities towards their recovery. Seeing how significant mental illnesses can produce challenging daily experiences, I would like to continue to journey with each individual to explore what can be done and how we will get there! Don’t get me wrong, change will take effort and time. My affirmative persona helps individuals to believe that they can be where they envision themselves in the foreseeable future.

From anxiety to dual diagnosis and other conditions, I have worked with adults struggling with a range of illnesses. Currently as a McDaniel College Graduate Student in Counseling Education, I am under the supervision of a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Baltimore, MD.  Please contact me if you have any interest in joining in on this adventure with me as I will be beginning my internship in June 2017 through December 2017 in Mt. Washington.

Your illness doesn’t define you. Your strength and courage does.

Bayard Solomon is seeing selected clients on Fridays and Sundays through Probono Counseling Services of Maryland (need-based) or for discounted rate donations to charity.  In return clients agree to help him complete his school internship in counseling.

You can reach Bayard at 877-823-3439 EXT. #4 and bayard@hygeiacounseling.com .


Tracy Diamond LCSW-C

 Tracy Diamond LCSC-W
  • 1986 Barry University, Masters of Social Work Degree
  • 15+ years of widely varied experience
  • Psychodynamic play therapy
  • Child development
  • Parental guidance

Tracy actually works out of my other counseling center in Reisterstown, The Zen Life Wellness Community, but I am excited to introduce her here.  Her office is only about 25 minutes from my Mt. Washington office.  Click here for directions to her office.

Tracy eagerly treats children, adolescents, and parents working through issues such as divorce, ADHD, behavioral problems, and school performance. She also treats depression and anxiety. Tracy specializes in child development. She is specially trained in psychodynamic play therapy and also enjoys helping parents to assist their children towards healthy family and school functioning.

You can learn more about Tracy through her Psychology Today profile.  Feel free to contact me (Michael) directly about her, or you may reach her through the Zen Life Wellness phone number at 443-712-7777 EXT. #6 and tracydiamond@tzlwc.com .  Tracy’s online scheduling system can be reached by clicking here.