Standard Fee Schedule


If services are not covered by your insurance and/or you are paying out-of-pocket, my fees are as follows unless we have an individual written agreement that supersedes this schedule:

  • CPT 90791 (Initial Evaluation): $300
  • CPT 90837 (53 to 60 minutes psychotherapy): $200
  • CPT 90834 (38 to 52 minutes psychotherapy): $150
  • CPT 90832 (16 to 37 minutes psychotherapy): $100
  • CPT 90847 (psychotherapy with family member participating): $200
  • CPT 90839 (crisis psychotherapy – first hour): $200
  • CPT 90840 (crisis psychotherapy – additional 30 minutes add-on): $90


The following fees are rarely covered by insurance and are sporadically necessary for some clients:

Late Cancellation Fee: $50 (Currently waived once every 3 months.  A late cancellation is a no-show or cancellation under 24 hours from the scheduled start time of a session for any reason.  This may also be charged if a client is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment.)

Written Reports & Paperwork: $25 per 15 minutes (when I agree to write them)

Legal and Court Fees: $200 per hour plus expenses. $1600 retainer in advance for days I am expected in court.  Court hours (including travel time) billed in minimum blocks of 4 hours ($800) each.  (I will rarely agree to voluntarily participate in legal/court matters.)

Medical Records Request: The lesser of $75 or the maximum allowable by law. (These are often required to be free.)  

CES Ultra Units: $350 purchase. (Often a $100 security deposit is needed.  Often rented at $50 per month on a rent-to-own basis until $350 is reached.)