Avoiding Falls Road

01/05/13 — This is an old webpage that has been removed from the main website menu system because I believe Falls Road is now fine to travel.  I’m keeping it around just in case they start construction again. — Michael


My office is at 5710 Newbury Street — 2nd Floor, in Mt. Washington Village in Baltimore City at the corner of Newbury and Smith.  It is directly by the Mt. Washington Light Rail Station.

Mt. Washington Village has several alternative ways in and out which are not difficult to master.

Unfortunately Fall Road (a major route to Mt. Washington Village) is undergoing water main and road construction through at least the end of summer 2012.

It is strongly recommended that you avoid Fall Road coming to and from Mt. Washington Village and my office if at all possible!

Here are two alternative routes — the Beltway to Greenspring Avenue to Smith Avenue route is highly recommended.


1. Take the Greenspring Avenue exit, EXIT 22.

2. Keep left to take the Greenspring Avenue South ramp.

3. Turn left onto Greenspring Ave. Go 1.4 miles.

4. Turn left onto Smith Ave. Go 1.9 miles

5. Turn right onto Greely Rd.

  • Greely Rd is just after  Shrine Sacred Heart Middle School and Catholic Church on the right

6. Turn left onto Sulgrave Ave.

7. Take the 1st left onto Newbury St.

8. 5710 NEWBURY ST is on the left.

Click here to open an Adobe Acrobat .pdf of the route from the beltway.


1. Exit I-83 South at Exit 10A-B
2. Turn RIGHT on Northern Parkway
3. IMMEDIATELY turn right on W. Rodgers Ave (almost a hairpin turn)
4. Veer right onto Wildwood Lane
5. Turn right onto South Road (be careful — narrow and steep)
6. Turn left on Lochlea Road (watch out for school children)
7. Turn right on Kelly Avenue
8. Go almost straight at light on Sulgrave Avenue down restaurant row.
9. Turn left on Newbury Street
10. 5710 Newbury Street on left at corner of Newbury & Smith

Click here to open an Adobe Acrobat .pdf of the alternative route from I-83 South avoiding Falls Road.

Please see the attached Adobe Acrobat .pdf documents for the route from the beltway and from I-83 South.