Baltimore Area Counselors

Are you searching for Baltimore area counselors? It’s difficult to get past the pages of cold, clinical listings, isn’t it? Do you want a setting that is more comfortable, supportive, and respectful? At Hygeia Counseling Services, that is exactly what you will find. There is no large, bureaucratic clinic and you are more than just a name in an appointment book.

Michael Reeder LCPC, provides holistic counseling, therapy, support and care through a complete mind, body and spirit approach. He wants to help you achieve your full potential and believes that there is always a path towards better, but it may not be through traditional Baltimore area counselors.

Services Offered by Michael Reeder

Do you need grief counseling? Perhaps you are seeking therapy support for childhood or sexual trauma. Do you and your partner want to try couples counseling? Maybe you would just like to speak with someone about life’s meaning or find your life path direction. Michael Reeder proves services for all of these and he believes it is important to integrate life meaning into therapy, support, and counseling. His services offer:

  • A holistic mind, body, and spirit approach
  • Spiritual integration, including acceptance of spiritual experiences as normal
  • A variety of approaches for treating depression
  • Pleasant surroundings
  • Actionable strategies, such as workbooks, card sorts, homework, when client is open to these methods

Have You Been Unsatisfied with Baltimore Area Counselors in the Past?

It’s not uncommon for Michael Reeder to hear from clients who were not happy with the services they were receiving prior to coming to him. Part of the reason may have been because they did not feel as though their spirituality was taken seriously or that medication was considered first. Many people have an aversion to medications and want to concentrate on solutions found naturally. Michael Reeder provides counseling, therapy, support and care in a non-judgmental partnership with his clients.

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To set up an initial appointment with Michael Reeder, simply call 410-871-TALK. You may also reach him by email at Don’t keep searching for Baltimore area counselors that don’t focus on complete mind, body and spirit healing. Choose Hygeia Counseling Services.