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Do you live or work in Washington DC and commute to Baltimore, Maryland or vice versa? When looking for counseling in DC, a therapist in Baltimore may be a great choice if you commute to work each day. Hygeia Counseling Services is conveniently located off the light rail. With appointments on Saturday and late weekday evenings, you won’t have to search for a therapist in Washington DC any longer. Hygeia Counseling Services offers holistic counseling and therapy in a comfortable and safe environment, specifically designed to foster a relationship of trust, healing, and renewal.

Counseling in DC or Therapist in Baltimore

Many people find that using a therapist, counselor, or other professional help away from where they live makes it easier to open up. They don’t have to feel anxious about privacy issues or running into their therapist or counselor while out with their friends and family. If you live in Washington, and commute to Baltimore, then forget about finding counseling in DC. A therapist in Baltimore, such as Michael Reeder at Hygeia Counseling Services is the perfect choice for you.

Michael Reeder’s Unique Philosophy

Michael Reeder’s approach as a psychotherapy counselor is somewhat different from others in the same field. He uses a holistic and natural approach as a therapist, counselor, and hypnotherapist. His post-master’s degree in Spiritual and Existential Counseling covers a curriculum of Asian meditation therapies, spiritual counseling, existential counseling, and spirituality across cultures.

Michael Reeder uses a number of concrete actionable strategies in his therapy, depending on what his patients are comfortable with. These might include:

  • Workbooks
  • Lightboxes for seasonal affective disorder
  • Card sorts
  • Reading assignments and homework
  • Strategy sessions
  • Online symptom tracking software

As you can see, he offers help for everyone in a way that will put them at ease and help them find the answers they need.

If you need help, contact Hygeia Counseling Services

For those seeking a more holistic therapist, counselor, or psychotherapy counselor, call Hygeia Counseling Services at 410-871-TALK. You can also email Michael Reeder at Instead of looking for counseling in DC, a therapist in Baltimore may be better suited to your lifestyle.