Counseling I-83 Therapist Psychotherapy

If you live or work on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border and you are looking for counseling, an I-83 therapist may be the answer. Hygeia Counseling Services is conveniently located right off of I-83 and offers a terrific alternative to therapists and counselors that may be in your own hometown. Some people are simply not comfortable seeing a psychotherapist in their own town for fear that their privacy could be compromised.

Counseling: I-83 Therapist Wants to Help PA Residents

Michael Reeder LCPC, knows that his clients need to feel relaxed, respected, and comfortable in order to get the most from their psychotherapy counselor. This is especially true for those who drive to his office from Hanover, York, or Spring Grove, PA. To accommodate these clients, he offers late evening and weekend appointments.

Michael’s office right off of I-83 is a straight shot from the following towns:

  • Hanover, PA
  • New Freedom, PA
  • Spring Grove, PA
  • York, PA
  • Shrewsbury, PA
  • Loganville, PA
  • Spry, PA
  • Glen Rock, PA
  • Freeland, MD
  • Parkton, MD
  • White Hall, MD
  • Monkton, MD
  • Sparks, MD

Holistic Counseling with a Complete Mind, Body, and Spirit Approach

Michael Reeder believes that a complete mind, body and spirit approach is best. As a psychotherapy counselor, he knows that for many people, spirituality plays an important role in their lives and that it must play an important role in their therapy, as well. He utilizes a variety of approaches, depending on what his client is comfortable with. These might include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Hypnotic meditation
  • General supportive listening
  • Goal setting and guided imagery skillsets

In addition, he has several actionable strategies to help his clients. Not everyone will be comfortable with these types of methods, but they are available and can include:

  • Reading assignments and homework
  • Workbooks
  • Card sets
  • Lightboxes for seasonal affective disorder

Michael Reeder offers holistic counseling services that differ from what another traditional psychotherapy counselor might provide. It is one of the reasons why clients make the drive to his office in Baltimore from Hanover, York, or Spring Grove, PA.

Call Hygeia Counseling Services Today

If you want to learn more about Michael Reeder’s holistic counseling, call 410-871-TALK. You will receive a free 10-minute consultation. You can also reach Michael Reeder by email at When you’re looking for counseling, an I-83 therapist may be just the answer you need.