Grief Counseling Loss Help Support

There is nothing harder to cope with than the loss of a loved one. Grief counseling, loss help, and support can often be necessary to assist you through this difficult time. At Hygeia Counseling Services, Michael Reeder LCPC, provides holistic counseling, therapy, support, and care for his patients in a non-clinical setting. You will find a supportive, respectful, and calm environment with a therapist that specializes in a complete mind, body, and spirit approach.

Grief Counseling, Loss Help, and Support

Michael Reeder offers his patients a holistic approach. While he is not opposed to medication, he realizes that it’s not necessary for every situation. Some patients may have an interest in solutions based on religion and spirituality. He offers:

  • Holistic counseling
  • Spirituality integration
  • Variety of approaches for coping with grief and loss
  • Collaboratively setting patient goals
  • Friendly, approachable, and pleasant surroundings

There is no need to suffer alone after the loss of a loved one. Michael Reeder and Hygeia Counseling Services, which is located in Baltimore, Maryland can help you develop coping skills that will allow you to move forward. He will work with you to develop a proper pacing of therapy, support, and attaining goals so that you are comfortable with how your grief counseling, loss help and support is progressing.

Extended Hours and Weekend Appointments

Michael Reeder understands that it can be difficult to schedule appointments with all of the demands of a professional and personal life. He offers late evening and weekend hours, as well as online and phone consultations. You can simply schedule an appointment through his website, too.

Contact Hygeia Counseling Services, Baltimore, Maryland

If you’re ready to speak with Michael Reeder and get the grief counseling, loss help and support you need, please give him a call at 410-871-TALK. You may also reach him by email at