Healthy Healing Holistic Counseling

Are you ready for a new way to look at therapy and counseling? If so, it’s time to consider a healthy healing, holistic counseling approach. At Hygeia Counseling Services, located in the Baltimore, Maryland area, Michael Reeder provides his clients with complete holistic counseling. For those seeking a psychotherapist who is willing to integrate their spirituality into the counseling process, and who is more open to alternative healing therapies such as acupuncture and herbs, Michael Reeder is the right choice.

Healthy Healing: A Holistic Counseling Approach

When you are experiencing an issue, it makes sense to try several approaches to see which works the best. This is why Michael Reeder LCPC, uses a holistic counseling approach that involves the mind, body, and spirit. For the mind, he might employ:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Healthful mental practices
  • Hypnotic meditation
  • General supportive listening

For the body, Michael Reeder could suggest a number of medical approaches that relate to:

  • Nutrition
  • Herbs
  • Exercise
  • Alternative medical approaches, including acupuncture
  • Medication

For the spirit, there are various approaches that could be taken, but it will depend upon the client’s own beliefs involving religion and spirituality.

Healthy, holistic healing is about having a sense of meaning and purpose, and each client’s own sense of belonging and purpose will differ from another’s.

A Unique Philosophy

Michael Reeder uses a variety of methods in his therapy and counseling. These might include workbooks, reading assignments, homework, and card sets. These are used based upon the willingness of the client and often provide insight for his or her issue. These methods are frequently helpful in couple’s counseling or marriage counseling.

Connect with Michael Reeder and Hygeia Counseling Services

If you are ready to contact Hygeia Counseling Services, simply given them a call at 410-871-TALK or contact Michael Reeder directly at If you’re looking for healthy, healing holistic counseling in the Baltimore, Maryland area, look no farther than Hygeia Counseling Services.