Help For Depression Mt. Washington

There are millions of people suffering from depression, but knowing that fact doesn’t make it any easier to deal with it on your own. If you need help for depression and live in the Mt. Washington, Maryland area, contact Hygeia Counseling Services. Michael Reeder LCPC, specializes in a holistic approach to treat depression by treating the mind, body, and spirit in a caring, supportive environment.

Help for Depression: Michael Reeder’s Philosophy

Michael Reeder’s philosophy encompasses accepting spiritual experiences as normal. He integrates spirituality into his Maryland therapy and counseling. In addition, he uses a variety of strategies, depending on what the patient is comfortable with, including:

  • Reading assignments, workbooks, and homework
  • Card sorts
  • Strategy sessions
  • Online symptom tracking

You’ll find that Michael Reeder will do more than just nod and listen. Many of his patients find that taking an active hand in their therapy can be a tremendous help for depression.

Other Services Available at Hygeia Counseling Services

There are many other services available at Hygeia Counseling. Michael Reeder will work with you to set goals and to ensure that you are comfortable with the pacing of the therapy for issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Childhood or Sexual trauma
  • Life meaning or Life path
  • Spiritual questions
  • Couples or Marital counseling

If you are interested in metaphysical or other “New Age” alternatives, Michael Reeder will be able to weave these concepts into your Maryland therapy to make it more in tune with your lifestyle and beliefs.

Connect with Michael Reeder and Hygeia Counseling Services

You can contact Michael Reeder in a number of ways. Initially, you can call for a complimentary 10-minute consultation over the phone. He can be reached at 410-871-TALK. You can email him at, or connect with Michael Reeder by signing up to receive his blogs or like him on Facebook. His office is conveniently located, and just a short drive away in Mt. Washington, Maryland. Michael Reeder and Hygeia Counseling Services are ready to provide you with the help for depression that you need.