Holistic Counseling Approach Therapy

If you are tired of receiving a cold, distant or inefficient response from traditional therapy, it might be time to consider a holistic counseling approach to therapy. Instead of going straight from the textbook to your head, a Hygeia holistic therapy practitioner in Baltimore, MD goes deeper into your personal needs and issues to solve the root of the problems you may be facing. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias or just need someone to talk to, our approach to counseling in Baltimore, MD is proven to help you get on track and back to your life.

What Does a Holistic Practitioner in Baltimore, MD Do?

  • Mind: By finding an understanding of your thought process, we can help uncover a better path for your thoughts to flow through.
  • Body: By finding physical difficulties in your life, we can open up your body to more positive energy.
  • Spirituality: By finding spiritual roadblocks, we can inspire you to new sources of meaning and connection that improve your mental health and perhaps even give you a deeper connection to the universe.
  • Respect: If part of the process does not mesh with your beliefs, we will develop a holistic therapy that does.

Respect for Patients above Everything Else

Because of our relaxed, positive and friendly approach to counseling therapy in Baltimore, MD, patients feel respected. A holistic practitioner in Baltimore, MD will provide you with the following attributes:

  • A warm, friendly conversation
  • A comfortable, non-clinical place to discuss issues
  • A supportive follow-up whenever you are in need

Our service rates are ideal for people of all ages and of all income levels seeking counseling therapy in Baltimore, MD. We have a no-judgment philosophy that you will experience from the moment you speak with one of our counselors on the phone to the time you leave our therapy center.

Contact Hygeia Counseling for a 10-Minute Phone Consultation

You can contact Hygeia Counseling services at 410-871-TALK or by email at michael@hygeiacounseling.com. After you discuss a holistic counseling approach for the first time, you see how it can positively impact your mental well-being. Call now!