Mind Body Spirit Healing

Are you searching for a different approach to counseling and therapy in Baltimore, MD? Perhaps you want a complete mind, body, spirit healing approach. At Hygeia Counseling Service, Michael Reeder LCPC, provides just that, in a setting that is far removed from the cold, clinical offices so common to therapists in Baltimore, MD. Through his holistic approach, Michael Reeder provides treatment for a variety of issues, including

  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Childhood and Sexual Trauma
  • Major Mental Illness
  • Grief Counseling
  • Marital and Couples Counseling

In addition, Michael Reeder provides counseling for spiritual questions, life meaning, and life path directions.

What Is a Mind, Body, Spirit Holistic Approach to Counseling?

This type of healing, holistic approach to counseling includes a collaboration of therapy techniques. For the mind, it can mean using cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, supportive listening, or hypnotic approaches. For the body, it might mean approaches that include nutrition, sleep, or alternative medical treatments like acupuncture. For the spirit, it might include finding your sense of belonging, meaning and purpose.

Michael Reeder will look for a holistic approach first, when practical. He does not believe in turning to psychiatric medications for everything, but does refer cases out to psychiatrists when a determination about medications is needed.

Strategies for Success

Michael Reeder uses several actionable strategies for success in his practice, including

  • Homework and Reading assignments
  • Card sorts
  • Workbooks
  • Goal settings
  • Online symptom tracking software

Many of his clients find these strategies are a great benefit because they can actually see and track progress. It is something that is offered by Michael Reeder to those clients who are comfortable with such methods.

Contact Hygeia Counseling Services for Therapists in Baltimore, MD

If you are ready to get help in the form of a complete mind, body, spirit healing holistic therapy approach, contact Michael Reeder via email at Michael@hygeiacounseling.com or call 410-871-TALK for a free, 10-minute phone consultation.