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Through_the_ArchwayI work with a variety of very capable people around Baltimore. Most have professional careers. Others are students. Despite successes, most harbor anxiety, self-esteem, or depression issues making them doubt themselves. People I see are frequently grief-stricken — all of the sudden they have had a large number of awful events happen and for one of the first times in their life they don’t know what to do. My clients tend to value holistic health (mind, body, and spirit) and may want to explore alternative healing as well as mainstream approaches. They want to feel comfortable being able to introduce spiritual topics into counseling when they wish.

If you are like many of my clients you have found that:

  • Larger treatment centers can be bureaucratic, uncaring, and cold.
  • Medications are put forward first, without enough consideration of your situation or needs and alternatives.
  • Therapists listen, but don’t do much other than nod and smile. You want some problem-solving and resources as well.
  • Your friends and family are tired of listening and/or don’t know how to help. Perhaps you are afraid of busting your image by opening up with them.
  • You are anxious as often as depressed, and don’t see how these go together. Your thinking seems different and this worries you.
  • You want some acceptance of spiritual experiences as normal and not always indicative of psychosis or being silly and unscientific.
  • You want to set goals and focus jointly — not have them dictated to you.

I am good at joint problem-solving. I have worked with grief, loss, anxiety, depression help, and self-doubt for years. I’ve provided psychotherapy for panic attacks, grief counseling, and premarital therapy. I’ve tackled issues from multiple methods, all while adapting my techniques to fit the unique person sitting with me.
Problems are a normal part of life. People get them, struggle with them, and move through them or learn to cope with them with success.

Busy capable people typically have objections to asking for help. Here are a few standard objections — I want to discuss with you these or other objections so you can be comfortable with seeking assistance:

1. “Only really sick people see counselors”: Most of my clients are not “crazy” (whatever that means) — they have job histories, friends, hobbies, families, and education. They look like you, I, or anyone else at the shopping mall.

2. “Counseling costs too much”: Actually, it’s too costly NOT to schedule help. It’s wise to minimize the hours of work, opportunities, and relationships lost to feeling upset. People in Baltimore (and everywhere) have problems in a variety of areas and I am willing to assist them with Baltimore marriage counseling, Baltimore anxiety therapy, and/or depression, grief, and other assistance they need from a Baltimore therapist.  If you had a physical illness you would see a specialist and arrange monies to heal the concern. Mental health worries, while very common, are also frequently damaging. I ask for a reasonable market price. I also discuss discounted fees with clients in financial need. I accept Hopkins EHP, Hopkins USFHP, Cigna, Aetna, CareFirst BCBS, and of course private pay (including credit cards). Many insurance companies will reimburse you if you see me as an out-of-network provider. If we can’t work out finances, I’ll refer you to other sources of help and still be glad to have helped you find someone for your counseling needs.

3. “I’ve seen lots of counselors and doctors already”: The sad truth is that there are bad help centers out there. It’s also the case that the unique relationship you form with a therapist in Baltimore is CRITICAL to success. Therefore, you may visit several Baltimore counselors before you find the right personality match. I’ve helped many clients, even so I’m sure some clients have travelled on to other professionals who are a stronger match for them. Let’s discover how well we click and work together.

Many doctors, clergy, and other professionals realize that I am a capable counselor to refer clients to. Psychiatrists send patients my way. New clients say their friends sent them. I’ve presented at clergy and professional psychological conferences and receive clients as a result. I even have psychic readers sending me people. I think this is because of the holistic viewpoint I adopt. I believe that spirit is important, science is valuable, and relationships are key. There are many ways to help and I am not wedded to one approach.

Several years prior I was employed at an otherwise wonderful clinic with plain block walls located way down a dead-end street away from everything. Therapists were told not to disclose much about their lives and interests. They certainly did not have resources to share that cost money or could be loaned-out. Although the central concern should always be you, I get that environment and personality matter. I am friendly; decorate with leather seating, statues, and crystals; and act like a real person. I utilize concrete actionable methods and tools — like online software, workbooks, and card sorts. I will coordinate as desired with alternative healers and spiritual leaders as well as medical doctors. My comfortable nicely-appointed office is conveniently located near several Baltimore area neighborhoods, places of work, and right next to I-83 and a light rail station.

You are quite welcome to call me immediately, but you likely are not yet prepared to do so. I welcome you to instead look at the variety of free resources I maintain concerning how counseling can uplift you. Take your time to think. I’m happy to answer questions too.

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My office is in Mt. Washington Village in Baltimore City. The office is convenient to several neighborhoods including Hampden, Roland Park, Coldspring, Guilford, Homeland, Govans, and Poplar. Several clients find it an easy drive in from Owings Mills as well.

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