CACREP Fight in Virginia

by Michael Reeder on June 4, 2015

I don’t discuss on this blog political matters very often.  However, there is a very, very complicated matter known as CACREP accreditation.  CACREP accreditation lets counseling graduate schools maintain and enforce a certain high-level uniform set of standards.  An excellent thing.

The main problems with it are that CACREP-only regulations threaten to undermine other equally excellent methods of teaching and theories of counseling.  These regulations also threaten to retroactively become a sort of certification in which only counselors who went to a CACREP school back in the day are eligible for licensing, paneling, job positions, and more.  Exceptions and loopholes and grandfathering rules abound.  Let’s just say that  I do not believe that utilizing a CACREP-only standard helps the public at a time when more access to mental health is needed, not less.  There is more to a quality veteran counselor than their original graduate school training, and even then CACREP is not proven superior.

Currently, the Virginia Board is taking comments through 7/1/15 about their proposed CACREP-only licensing regulations for Virginia.  Please visit the following link to make your opposition known:

For more about this issue please visit:


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