Brookland Pastoral Center…an oasis for healing and change

Note: This office closed at the end of February 2010.  I have moved to the Baltimore area.

I am proud to be an associate in private practice at the Brookland Pastoral Center (BPC). BPC is a few blocks from the Catholic University metro station. The Brookland Pastoral Center provides professional psychological counseling that integrates the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of life in a holistic manner and welcomes people of any religious faith or spiritual practice as well as those who have none.

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I like BPC because my coworkers are great people, and the space is homey and comfortable. It’s a 3-story old house with attractive group space in the living room, a kitchen, and the bedrooms turned into snug, comfortable therapy offices. I usually use room 6 on the third floor.

The associates have regular staff meetings and periodic retreats — they like each other. The space does not have an office tower sameness — its quirky and unusual. Why does this matter? Because I believe in healing spaces — places that are inherently relaxing and safe. Part of the therapist’s job is to “hold the space” — to provide an almost palpable positive environment in which the work of counseling can take place. The vibes here are right for the task.

I host periodic workshops and groups at this location. Several of the other associates and partners frequently hold classes and groups which my clients can take advantage of too.

Brookland Pastoral Center logo

Brookland Pastoral Center logo

BPC is on the same block as the nearby Franciscan monastery. Clients who like beautiful gardens should consider taking a stroll through their grounds during visiting hours.