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If you’re feeling anxious, grief-stricken or depressed, there are alternatives to medications and coldly clinical therapy sessions. Baltimore therapist Michael Reeder LCPC, can tap into your spiritual strength and use holistic counseling and psychotherapy counseling to find answers to your biggest problems. Take a look at some of the advantages of meeting with a Baltimore psychotherapy counselor:

  • A complimentary 10-minute phone consultation session with an experienced psychotherapy counselor in Baltimore.
  • Premium services at rates ideal for both young professionals and retired men and women.
  • Alternative, medication-free Baltimore psychotherapy counseling techniques. Some clients need referrals to doctors for medication consultations but Michael works to find alternatives when feasible.
  • Optional incorporation of your spiritual beliefs into your counseling and therapy.

Counseling: Baltimore Therapist for All

Whether you’ve been to a therapist before or you’re just testing the waters, you will feel comfortable at the Hygeia Counseling Services office.

Hygeia Counseling Services welcomes all backgrounds and beliefs. If you’ve been burned by limited thinking of other psychotherapy counseling before, there is no better place to turn than the open-minded Hygeia Counseling Service with therapist Michael Reeder LCPC.

We also offer additional services aside from Baltimore psychotherapy counseling:

  • Personal spiritual guidance and counseling
  • Premarital and marital therapy
  • Alternative lifestyle therapy
  • Group sessions led by a caring therapist in Baltimore, MD

Plus, we’re easy to connect to online. Find Michael on Facebook and Google, and check out his blog to see what it’s like working with a Baltimore psychotherapy counselor. You can easily schedule an appointment with Michael, a therapist in Baltimore, MD online or by sending an email to

Get Holistic Counseling Help Today!

Michael Reeder’s holistic approaches to your biggest problems – depression, life questions, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, and more – can help you find answers through counseling. Baltimore therapist Michael Reeder is welcoming and caring. Call 410-871-TALK to schedule an appointment today!