Hypnos Painting Work

by Michael Reeder on May 24, 2009

I have an affinity for the Greek/Roman gods of healing (as you can no doubt tell from my business name — Hygeia Counseling Services).  I’m currently having a painting of Hypnos (God of Sleep and Dreams) done by Brian MacGregor — the artist who did my Hygeia logo.  He is working his way through drawings, studies, and now a black and white version of the painting.  He also had models pose for the work.  I had no idea how complex this was and I’m getting a real education in art.  Regarding the black and white version he says:

Here is how it looks so far in the black and white stage.  I am going to work on the colors soon.  This took me all week to get to this point.  I included references from three different books on dreams and Hypnosis and the uses of it and its origins.  Also a chart of the sleep stages, and dreams.  I got to say I am loving this idea and making it museum worthy.

I’m attaching below a few versions of the painting so far.  You can click on the small image below to see it larger.


BWS Hypnos

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