Marriage Counseling Couples Therapy

Hygeia Counseling Services offers successful marriage counseling, couples therapy, and other services by focusing on spiritual and holistic methods instead of mainstream techniques. With all of the sterile, clinical offices providing counseling, therapy, and other services today, this caring and relaxing environment allows you to work towards resolution and understanding with respect to your own beliefs and goals.

Holistic Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy in Owings Mills, MD

At Hygeia Counseling Services, Michael Reeder LCPC, believes it is best to offer all his services, including marriage counseling, couples therapy, and many other services in a number of ways. This makes it easier on his clients to receive the help they need. You and your partner may take advantage of:

  • A free 10-minute phone consultation
  • PREPARE/ENRICH online assessment of needs
  • Package deals on purchases of multiple sessions

He is available for appointments late into the evening so that you can get the help you need when you need it, including marriage counseling near Owings Mills, MD. The Hygeia Counseling Services website allows you to schedule an appointment at any time. You may sign up to receive blog posts and emails through Michael Reeder’s Facebook page or Google account. He strives to be completely approachable to his clients, as he wants you to be able to reach out to him in a variety of ways for marriage counseling near Owings Mills, MD and other Baltimore area neighborhoods.

Full Range of Services and a Convenient Location

Many clients chose Hygeia Counseling Services because they are conveniently located in Baltimore, MD. Clients are young to middle-aged professionals – just like you – who want more privacy than can be guaranteed seeking services in their nearby small home towns.

Michael believes in a full spectrum of mind/body healing. He offers the following services:

  • Anxiety, depression, panic, and grief counseling, therapy, and care
  • Psychotherapy with natural techniques
  • Alternative lifestyle counseling
  • Marriage counseling, couples therapy, and more

Call Hygeia Counseling Services today!

Call 410-871-TALK to schedule an appointment for any of Michael Reeder’s services, including marriage counseling, couples therapy, and holistic care. He believes his holistic approach can help you find the resolution you need to move forward.