Maryland Holistic Therapy Spiritual

Many people having trouble dealing with the confines of traditional approaches to psychology would rather sift through their problems alone because of the cold stigma often associated with the practice. Fortunately, Maryland holistic therapy disassociates itself from the traditional notions of therapy and gives you a much better experience.

Stop Narrowing Your Approach to Psychotherapy and Psychology in Maryland

The problem with most approaches to psychotherapy and psychology in MD are that they focus too narrowly on trying to solve just one of your problems. People face a variety of troubles in life and need to work out issues regarding more than just one classified mental disease or illness. At Hygeia Counseling Services, you’ll find the Maryland holistic therapy staff that will focus on the following steps:

  • Analyzing your problems through both textbook psychology and caring common sense.
  • Treating your symptoms as if you are a person, not just another case.
  • Focusing in on your whole person, instead of just one specific issue.
  • Discussing alternative treatments with you (like acupuncture for example), instead of only discussing medication.

Focus on Your Whole Self with Holistic Spiritual Healing in Maryland

At Hygeia Counseling Services, Michael Reeder LCPC offers one of the best approaches to Maryland holistic therapy. With him you can work out issues such as:

  • Marriage and lifestyle problems and advice.
  • Anxiety, stress, and grief.
  • Spiritual, existential, and deeper seated questions about the world.
  • Past issues that may still be looming deep within your mind.

The best part of holistic spiritual healing in Maryland is that more than one of these issues can be resolved through a series of sessions and counseling. By focusing on deeper meaning in therapy instead of pinpointing and treating with medication, you will be able to work out issues instead of masking them.

Contact Hygeia Counseling Services!

Michael Reeder LCPC at Hygeia Counseling Services is available for initial consultation through the phone at 410-871-TALK or email at You can also start your approach to Maryland holistic therapy by following him on Facebook. Your path to a better approach to psychotherapy and psychology in Maryland begins as soon as you reach out.