Metaphysical New Age Market

Are you looking for therapy in Baltimore, Maryland in the metaphysical New Age market? If so, you should consider Hygeia Counseling Services. Michael Reeder LCPC, provides holistic counseling for those searching for complete body, mind and spiritual therapy. This approach fits very well into the metaphysical New Age market in Baltimore, Maryland because it focuses on a collaboration of concepts.

Mind, Body and Spirit Holistic Therapy

The mind refers to several approaches, which might include metaphysical therapy like hypnotic mediation, guided hypnotic mediation or traditional therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy and general supportive listening.
The body can mean holistic therapy approaches, such as herbs, nutrition, sleep, and exercise. It can also mean alternative medical approaches like acupuncture.

In terms of spiritualty, there are no set approaches, because every client has a different view on how this is done. Spirituality, though, is critical to positive mental health. This doesn’t mean that religion must be a part of someone’s life. It simply means a sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose. In the metaphysical New Age market in Baltimore, Maryland, Michael Reeder provides his clients with a therapeutic environment that is respectful and caring instead of one that is cold and clinical.

Help is available at Hygeia Counseling Services

You will find the help you need at Hygeia counseling services. Michael Reeder works with a wide range of issues, including

  • Depression
  • Grief counseling
  • Sexual or Childhood trauma
  • Marital counseling
  • Life meaning for Life path direction
  • Spiritual questions

Many of Michael Reeder’s clients have tried traditional therapists in the past and have come to Hygeia Counseling Services in hopes of finding holistic counseling that will welcome their spirituality. If you are searching for therapy in Baltimore, Maryland that welcomes the metaphysical New Age market, then Hygeia Counseling Services is the perfect choice.

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