Psychotherapy Baltimore Marriage Couples

Don’t let your marital problems tear your life apart – contact Hygeia Counseling Services today to speak to Michael about couple’s psychotherapy. Baltimore marriage therapy is for people just like you. Michael Reeder LCPC can help you if your current couples therapy in MD is not effective, or if you are trying out Baltimore, MD relationship therapy for the first time. At Hygeia Counseling Services, our natural, holistic approach to healing may be for you. We use alternative techniques to help solve your problems and get your life back to normal. Here are some benefits to our marital psychotherapy and Baltimore marriage therapy:

  • Complimentary 10-minute phone consultation
  • Extensive online network with excellent communication
  • Holistic and spiritual approaches to problems (when desired)
  • Group sessions lead to helpful community support for you and your partner

Our relationship psychotherapy for MD couples is ideal for young professionals and retirees alike.

Psychotherapy: Baltimore Marriage Therapy

Hygeia Counseling Services has created a warm, welcoming environment for therapy sessions. If you have experience with cold, clinical settings and robotic therapists in the past, the friendly couples therapy in MD from Michael Reeder LCPC is ideal for you. Get in touch on Facebook or Google to find out more about what our marriage therapy is about.

In order to provide a full spectrum of care, we also offer several other types of services, including:

  • Alternative lifestyle counseling
  • Premarital, marital and other Baltimore, MD relationship therapy
  • Childhood trauma and sexual trauma therapy
  • Grief, anxiety, panic and depression psychotherapy
  • Spiritual and existential guidance and more

Easy Scheduling Options!

Contact our office at 410-871-TALK to schedule an appointment, or e-mail for more information about relationship psychotherapy for MD couples. You can also schedule a session for marital psychotherapy and Baltimore marriage therapy with Michael Reeder LCPC through our website.

Hygeia Counseling Services is the friendly and compassionate choice for people seeking holistic counseling for all of life’s biggest problems. Our prices are ideal for anyone seeking alternative treatments, so don’t wait to get in touch with our friendly staff.