Spiritual Counseling Marriage Couples

A relationship with a partner you love is the most rewarding thing you can accomplish in life; unfortunately, every relationship goes through tough patches that may seem to have no specific or agreeable resolution. One answer may be holistic therapy and spiritual counseling. Marriage counseling that focuses on your spiritual needs as a couple, and provides a holistic approach may be what you need.

What Conventional Counselors Miss in Spiritual Counseling Marriage Therapy

If you have tried traditional couples therapy in Baltimore to no avail, it is important that you do not give up hope on your relationship. Here are some areas of concern that the Holistic approach will address:

  • Deeper seated mental and physical issues that may slip through the cracks with traditional couples therapy in Baltimore.
  • One of the members of a couple may have anxiety, fear, or stress related to commitment issues that need to be resolved before taking the relationship to another level.
  • Spiritual issues in your relationship – whether they be religious differences or more existential concerns like conflicts over what is important and meaningful in life.
  • Traditional couples therapy in Baltimore may only analyze one aspect instead of treating your relationship like a living, breathing entity.
  • Traditional therapy may be outdated to the demands that technology has brought to the modern world.

Reasons to Try Spiritual Counseling Marriage Therapy

Instead of taking the traditional, clinical counseling route for your marriage or couples counseling needs, Hygeia Counseling Services provides a holistic approach that treats every aspect of your relationship. Michael Reeder LCPC works with the two of you to help:

  • Solve spirituality issues (when desired by the couple)
  • Reconcile separate ways thinking
  • Rediscover the strengths that brought you together when you first met

Contact Hygeia Counseling Services

Michael Reeder LCPC and Hygeia Counseling Services wants to offer you a free 10 minute phone conversation to help you decide if the best course of action for you is spiritual counseling or regular holistic couples counseling. Marriage therapy is worth 10 minutes of your time! Go ahead and give Michael Reeder a call at 410-871-TALK or email him at michael@hygeiacounseling.com for more information.