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by Michael Reeder on April 24, 2011

BN$5 Picture

Baltimore’s new currency — the BNote — has officially launched!  To help celebrate the launch and to get more BNotes into circulation I will be running the following promotion through the end of June 2011:

If your payment to me for a counseling session includes at least $20 worth of BNotes, I will give you $5 off the cost of that session (US$5 or BN$5).

If you request change back from  me in BNotes instead of US Dollars, I will give you an extra BN$5 in change over and above what I owe you.

It would be useful to me to hear back from clients and potential clients as to whether or not you are likely to want change in BNotes so I have some idea what sort of BNote supply to keep handy.

Please click on the following links for what BNotes are and why they matter:

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