Office Location Changes

by Michael Reeder on February 6, 2010

I am saying goodbye to my office in Washington, DC at Brookland Pastoral Center with some regrets and several fond memories.  I like the place and its where I originally launched my practice.  I recommend potential clients in Washington, DC check out their remaining practitioners on their website.  Jonathan Kirkendall and Maura Kristof also used to be co-workers there and are excellent therapists.

I’ve since moved to Baltimore and found that my downtown Baltimore location at the Rotunda has been my busiest location.  It just makes sense to close shop in Washington, DC and expand in Baltimore.

But, no more hours are available for rent at my Rotunda location…  so…

Starting March 1st I have a new location in Mt. Washington Village just a few miles from the Rotunda, right off of I-83, and across the street from Light Rail.  I am now (as of March) located at 5710 Newbury Street on the 2nd floor.  Please come check out my new space.  It’s a cheery yellow with new carpeting, lots of fanciful furnishings from my DC location, and some comfy leather couches I just picked up.

How I got the couches up the staircase and through the doorways I will never know…

— Michael

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