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by Michael Reeder on July 18, 2010

I’ve been looking at several online packages for clients to work on their mental health.   There are plenty of online tests for assessing one’s condition (not all of them very valid).  There are also plenty of educational reading sites.  What’s largely lacking are interactive sites with worksheets, exercises, and feedback.  I’m mulling over adding an online tools section to my website for clients of mine.  Here are a few of the better packages:

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plans):

Mary Copeland has a well-developed system for tracking symptoms, triggers, and activities to maintain or restore wellness.  Participants end up with a binder (or online management system) that they work with daily to maximize their health.

Basic reading about WRAP is at:

The online tool I think is cool is available to all comers at:

Online Mood Charting

I’m testing software from Optimism Apps designed to track user moods across time by many customizable variables.  If you’ve got the patience to rate your mood, symptoms, and wellness practices (take a walk, meditate, etc.) every day this software can chart out trends for you that you might not have seen.  So you might spot a monthly or seasonal cycle to your moods, see that meditating daily helps, or spot that eating habits matter.

Mental Health Software October 18, 2010 at 2:10 pm

I’ve heard great things about this software in hospitals.

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