ACCESS EAP and Thoughts on Employment Assistance Plans

by Michael Reeder on February 18, 2013

access eap baltimoreI am in the final stages of completing an application for ACCESS EAP and have my fingers crossed for acceptance as a provider. I am hopeful that this Employee Assistance Plan will prove useful to my Baltimore clients and potential clients. I’d be very interested in hearing from readers (online or in private email) if you have this plan and what you think of it. One thing I like about ACCESS EAP is that they allow clients to continue with the EAP therapist after the approved sessions are completed (not all plans do).

I have had mixed luck and mixed feelings with EAP plans in the past. I am on the panel of a few EAPs that have never sent me clients and I wonder if they had any in the Baltimore area — or if they were just filling out their counseling roster in hopes of landing employer contracts.

EAP is generally meant as a fast assessment and referral to other resources, as needed. This is a natural match for my holistic inclinations. I typically give clients referrals, links to websites, workbooks, and believe in sharing information.

What are your feelings on EAP? Do you utilize counseling benefits through your employer?

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