Baltimore Currency (BNotes) Coming in Spring!

by Michael Reeder on November 16, 2010

I’m signed-up to start accepting local currency “BNotes” starting this coming spring 2011.

BNotes will be a local currency accepted in and around Baltimore with the idea of keeping our money local.  Since you get 11 BNotes for every 10 US Dollars, it is in effect a 10% discount everywhere you shop.

The first neighborhood targeted for BNotes is Hampden.  Since my office in Mt. Washington Village is 5 minutes from Hampden, I figured I would step-up and participate.

More information available at:

“Maryland Morning” on WYPR 88.1 did a recent segment:

According to the comments on the Maryland Morning blog, there is legislation pending to force non-profits in Baltimore City to pay their employees a portion of their salary in BNotes.  Really?  Wow.

BNotes from Hampden (and everywhere else) welcome, Hon.

— Michael

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