Mt. Washington Traffic Pattern — Allow Time

by Michael Reeder on October 13, 2010

BOTTOM LINE: Please allow an extra 10 minutes for parking for your next visit to my Mt. Washington Village office location.

DETAILS:  The city is performing construction on the bridge on Newbury Street.  As of 10/13/10 they have closed the bridge indefinitely.  Your best way into my office if you are driving is to turn right on Smith Avenue (now a 2-way street) and turn left into the metered lot farthest from the Lightrail.  The meters have been covered and parking is currently free.

It’s less confusing when you are actually here but the changes as I understand them are:

  • The bridge on Newbury Street is closed indefinitely.  Pedestrians can still walk across it as of right now.
  • Smith Avenue is now 2-way instead of 1-way out of the village.
  • There is now NO street parking right outside my office on Smith Avenue.
  • The metered parking lot is now free.  The closest lot to the Lightrail is for Lightrail only.
  • Sulgrave is now 1-way OUT of the village instead of 1-way IN.

Leave a few minutes extra the next visit and all will be fine.

— Michael

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