Funds Needed to Launch Baltimore Green Currency Initiative

by Michael Reeder on February 19, 2011

Hi All,

The Baltimore Green Currency Association (the “BNote”) needs to raise about $8000 by early March to print their first run of money.  Yes — local organizations can print their own money.  Contribution is easy and I hope you will consider donating:  Click here to contribute

I’m supporting the Baltimore Green Currency Association for both personal/community reasons and business reasons. From a community standpoint the adoption of local currencies keep money in the area.  The more dollars circulate locally the more buying power and jobs stay local.  From a business perspective, my office is near the Hampden neighborhood — the starting hub of a wide variety of business and organizations that have already signed-up to accept the currency.  I want to be one of the initial therapists participating.  Click here for a list of organizations accepting the BNote.

Slow donations aside, there is a lot of buzz about this currency launch.  Maryland Morning on WYPR did a segment you can listen to last fall.   The association has a press event next week to unveil their new currency design.


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