BNote Potluck and Flyers

by Michael Reeder on February 21, 2011

This is a mental health blog, not a currency blog, but I do want to take a moment to post about the great potluck I went to last night with members of the Baltimore Currency Association.

Several good ideas got discussed in the brainstorming session, including a possible future debit card system.

The comment that really struck me was about the symbolic value of a dollar.  That is, every time someone holds a Baltimore currency note in their hands, they will be reminded of 1) civic pride in their neighborhood and/or city, 2) the value of their neighbors, and 3) to shop locally.  Reminds me very much of some of the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) work I sometimes do — especially with the NLP concept of anchoring.  In any case, what a great way to maintain continual awareness of important values!

They are looking at a possible time-line (still flexible) of starting to sell BNotes after their fundraising is complete March 11th, launching the currency April 16th at an Eco event in Druid Hill Park, and following that up with a block party with the Baltimore Free Farm April 17th.

Their were several very good brochures last night — brochures I am not sure are on the main website.  I am attaching below color scans of the brochures.  They are quick, concise, and well-done pieces on what the BNote is about.  Please download them.

BNote Flyer 1 — .pdf longer flyer about the value of the BNote to the commuty and the cycle of money.

BNote Flyer 2 — .pdf short flyer about the BNote.

BNote Merchants — .pdf flyer on merchants signed-on to accept the BNote as of January 2011.

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